2013 Attractions

  • School of Rock
  • KidZone
  • SciFi zone (Daleks, Stormtrooper and other star wars characters)
  • Dr. Who's original William Hartnell 1963 Tardis (also used in Dixon of Dock Green)
  • Laser Combat
  • Sci-fi Toy Sale
  • Music Workshops - Surrey Strings re-play project 
  • Old kiln Light Railway will be operating Steam services on Saturday & Sunday with the Weyfest Special
  • 1940's Experience
  • Bean Car Club with their beautiful vintage cars
  • Wellbeing Area : Therapist Healer; Trager Healing; Reflexology and more ...
  • Dairy Farm Tour
  • Wide Variety of Clothing / Jewellery / Merchandise traders
  • Pete The Wagon
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Old Fashioned Ice Cream vendor
  • The Rural Life Centre Museum Exhibits & Children's Play Ground

Re-Play Music
Promoting Instrument Recycling and Musical Education
Pete The Wagon

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I pull the wagon with my 50-year old grey Fergie (Lady Jane!) at a moustache-quivering 7 miles an hour!

Re-Play Music is the multi-faceted instrument recycling project that was born of the vision of luthier Lisa Nasta, owner of Surrey Strings of South London.  After years of watching the accumulative wastefulness that was taking place within the local musical education programs, wastefulness that seems financially necessary when the cost of repairing a damaged instrument is far greater than the expense of replacing the instrument, she envisioned an organization that would be capable of repairing and returning the damaged instruments to community projects on an all voluntary basis.  With this cause in mind, Re-Play Music began.

From its very modest beginnings, Re-Play Music has quickly grown into a sizable initiative, recycling hundreds of instruments per year back into other community projects such as Core Arts, Mencap, Sound Minds, and Wandsworth Prison rehabilitation program.   As well as its own self sustaining, travelling music school, and music festival.

I'm a wheelwright and restore Gypsy Wagons as a hobby. I take the restored wagon round to festivals and shows. I also carve realistic, large wooden mushrooms, which are proving very popular with the fairy festivals!
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